Alcohol and Other Drugs

The Alcohol and Other Drugs Program offers counselling, therapeutic intervention and support to clients experiencing drug and alcohol or mental health problems.

It also provides support and services to the families of clients.

As with all MDAS services, the SEWB programs take a holistic approach to suporting clients in managing drug, alcohol, mental health, gambling, social disconnection and/or other issues.

Our programs are bsed on the principle of Harm Reduction.

What is a Harm Reduction approach?

"Harm Reduction is an evidence-based, pragmatic approach directed towards reducing negative health, social  and economic consequences associated with alcohol and other drug use.  Harm Reduction is an approach to drug use that places the overall wellbeing of the drug user and society above the narrow, and frequently-elusive, sole goal of abstinene.  While Harm Reduction recognises abstinence as a valuable, and in many cases a desirable outcome, Harm Reduction perceives drug use along a continuum.  A Harm Reduction model requirest the clinician and client working together to formulate relaistic goals that will be attainable while optimising the client's health.  For some clients, the goal may be abstinence or reduction of alcohol and other drug use; while for others, reducing the harm associated with alcohol and other drug use, preventing HIV or overdose, may be the most realistic option."*

*Uniting Care Re-Gen Supporting Evidence - Harm Reduction: February 2013