Onemda Ice Report

Report an Australian first

A report released in September 2015 is providing important insights into the Koori and mainstream community’s approach to the impacts of the drug methamphetamine, or Ice.

The research was funded by the University of Melbourne (Onemda) and completed in collaboration with MDAS. 

It contains the stories of more than 20 Aboriginal people in the Mallee region – some who use or have used Ice, and others who are families and support agencies trying to support individuals with an ice problem.

The report shows the importance of family support for Ice users in overcoming their addictions, but also the importance of support service providing backup and care for families.

It found one family support was a vital element, because families are a key motivation for people managing their drug use.

The report also indicates the importance of providing rehabilitation services for regional areas.  The report is available on the MDAS website.

The event was also the public launch of a video containing the experiences of ice use from two perspectives – a user and a family member – and featured MDAS Outreach Worker Derek Jones.  The video, “Healing from Ice in Victorian Aboriginal Communities” can be accessed is on Youtube.