Family Support


Mallee District Aboriginal Services has a range of programs in place in Mildura, Swan Hill and Kerang that are working to strengthen Koori families and develop healthy and supportive family units.

Integrated Family Services (IFS)

The Integrated Family Services team assists and supports parents and caregivers of children and young people who are experiencing difficulties that are affecting the family's capacity to function. We seek to develop and implement creative ways to engage and work with children and their families.

Stronger Families

The Stronger Families program aims to enable children who are at imminent risk of being placed in out-of-home care  for the first time to remain at home with their parents, or to support their return home to their parents care when it is safe to do so. 

The service allocates a dedicated case worker from a multi-disciplinary team to each family for up to 12 months, providing a therapeutic assessment, to work with families to address underlying issues and to build the capacity of parents to safely care for their children.

Referrals are made from child protection services within the DHS area.

Preservation & Restoration

Family Preservation is a family-focused, community based crisis intervention service designed to maintain children's safety in their home and strives to prevent separation of families. The program also works towards re-unification of families, where appropriate, after relationships have broken down, and maintaining re-unified families.  Clients are referred from within the organisation, from the Department of Human Services and can also be self-referred.

Aboriginal Family-Led Decision Making/Cultural Support Program (AFLDM/CSP)

The Aboriginal Family-Led Decision Making worker is a co-convener with the Department of Human Services worker for family meetings. The aim is to ensure that the family's rights and culture are taken into consideration when coming to decisions regarding placement of indigenous children. The Aboriginal Family-Led Decision Making worker also helps to mediate between families.  The service also ensures that families have a complete understanding of the decisions and reasons behind them.