Wiimpatja Healing Centre

Wiimpatja Healing Centre

Wiimpatja Healing Centre (formerly Warrakoo Rehabilitation Hostel) is a program that provides an alternative to traditional incarceration for Indigenous detainees, on remand, sentenced or on warrants. The main strength of the program is that it is sensitive to the complex cultural needs of Indigenous people within the broader context of a predominantly white society.  We use existing community resources and programs as part of Mallee District Aboriginal Services (MDAS).

Referral Pathways

To be referred into the program potential clients must have undergone detox and be completely free of alcohol and other drugs for a minimum of two (2) weeks.

We do not accept participants who are currently on a methadone program.

To be referred into the program clients or the person sending the referral on behalf of the client must complete the following form;

  • Wiimpatja Healing Centre Referral Form

Along with this completed form the following information must be provided to Wiimpatja Healing Centre for the application to be processed;

  • All current charges
  • All priors
  • A medical check
  • Detox report

Potential clients can be referred to the program in a number of ways;

  • Self-referral
  • Referred via the courts
  • Referred via the Justice System
  • Referred via corrections

Location of the program

Wiimpatja Healing Centre is located on Warrakoo Station at 5495 Rufus River Road Rufus NSW.

Warrakoo Station is located approx. 80 km from the town of Wentworth and is 120km west of Mildura. It takes approx. an hour and a half to travel to Warrakoo Station from Mildura.

Travel into town to either Wentworth or Mildura is conducted under Wiimpatja Staff supervision, and travel is determined by management of Wiimpatja Healing Centre.

Travel into town is for the following reasons;

  • Medical Treatment, and
  • Dental Treatment

Services Offered at Wiimpatja Healing Centre

  • Works Program, including general maintenance around the proper
  • Life Skills Program, including cooking and cleaning skills
  • TAFE program – working around the horticulture and landscaping sectors
  • Cultural Enrichment Program – including making cultural artefacts, painting and traditional cooking
  • Alcohol and Other Drugs Counselling – this program provided individual one on one counselling with the AOD team from MDAS

AIMS of these programs

  • To learn to be able to live a healthier life, free of Alcohol and Other Drugs
  • To take time to work on health and wellbeing and re-enter the community in a healthy and proactive way
  • To offer a safe way to work on presenting problems and difficulties away from distractions of the community and to assist and support transition back into the community.
  • The Cultural Enrichment Program focuses on bringing clients back to their culture through all the aspects of the program.

Please note: There are costs associated with the Wiimpatja program – please call for further information.