Mallee Aboriginal Employment Program

MDAS believes that work should be accessible and culturally safe for everyone and that, through work, we contribute to our own wellbeing and that of our community.

Mallee Aboriginal Employment Program (MAEP) is MDAS’ commitment to finding sustainable employment opportunities for our community of Indigenous Australians.

MAEP supports people who are unemployed, including candidates who experience multiple barriers to finding employment (for example, drug and alcohol issues, mental and physical health issues, family violence and a lack of literacy and numeracy).

MAEP offers intensive assistance and the opportunity for MDAS to link the candidate to a holistic range of services which will, in turn, increase the likelihood of a successful transition from unemployment to long-term sustainable work.

MAEP is in support of the Commonwealth Government’s national priority to reduce the employment gap between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people and to recognise the importance of work for individual and community well-being.

Tamika's story






Tamika Jenkins, Executive Assistant to the MDAS Director of Family Services

Tamika was employed at MDAS as a trainee receptionist – her first job after finishing school. She completed her certificate three in customer service before this year stepping up to the Executive Assistant role.

“I was given time to study and if I was stuck at all there was always extra support available, both in the book work and on-the-job. The support and advice I got definitely contributed to me getting to where I am now -- I came in with no experience and now I have the qualifications, experience and skills I need to do a demanding job." 

Michael's story






Michael Harradine, MDAS Youth Support Services caseworker

Michael began MAEP in an AOD support role at Warrakoo before taking up a health worker traineeship then transitioning into his Youth Support Services role.

“I love this job...I've walked the walk a bit and I think the kids know that and it helps. MAEP and the HR team really care about who you are and what you want to do, and they do everything in their power to make it happen.  It's about helping people to grow and find their own way, not just putting you into things that better qualify you for a role.  I can see great opportunities for me to continue to develop into the future, too."

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