Mental Health Demonstration Project

A Mental Health Demonstration Project has been established in Mildura, with the aim of building a more integrated approach to mental health care for Aboriginal people.

The mental health Demonstration Project lead agency is MDAS which has established partnerships with the Mildura Base Hospital Mental Health Services and Mallee Family Care Community Mental Health Support Services to form a consortium.

The Model is designed to improve the mental health treatment outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres strait Islander people with moderate to severe mental illness and mental health disorders who fall between the gaps due to the nature of their mental health and social support needs.

The key strengths of each group of the three mental health service organisations will be combined to increase engagement with the target group and achieve improved health outcomes through streamlining access to mental health treatment.

The purpose of the project is to test a new mental health treatment model for Aboriginal and Torres Islander people, with a focus on those in the client group who have come into contact with the criminal justice system.

A recovery-focussed and strength-based approach will be implemented to assist the client in identifying goals and areas of their life that they would like to develop and work towards in their social and emotional recovery journey.

The Mental Health Demonstration Project team at MDAS consists of three Aboriginal mental health liaison support workers, three clinical mental health support workers, a team leader and a Psychiatrist.

Contact the team at the MDAS Social and Emotional Wellbeing Hub in Mildura, or referral forms can be downloaded here.