FAQ for Students

How old do I have to be?

All students must be 15 years of age at the time of placement and enrolled as a student at an Australian school or tertiary institution.

How do I apply?

Information on the application process for work experience and placement can be found here. Or download the MDAS Work Experience Brochure here

How will I know if I am successful in getting a work experience placement?

You will be notified in writing of your acceptance into the program by our Human Resource Officer and you will receive a Work Experience Arrangement (WEA) form to complete and return to MDAS.

What is a Work Experience Arrangement?

The Work Experience Arrangement is the agreement between MDAS, your Educational Institution, your parent/guardian (if you are under 18 years).

The Work Experience Arrangement:

  • outlines the agreed details of the work experience placement;
  • ensures that all those involved have approved your participation in the placement;
  • collects key information about you; and
  • identifies the conditions of participation associated with your placement.

What will I bring with me?

You will be provided with this information as part of the support documents prior to placement.

What about lunch?

You need to bring your own lunch including any morning and afternoon teas with you each day.  MDAS have kitchen facilities at each site to store your food and there are food outlets close to all MDAS locations should you wish to purchase food.

What can I wear?

Students are required to wear practical, presentable clothing with closed in shoes.

What do I do on the first day?

You will be provided with information on where to go on your first day with the support pack provided to you prior to starting.  Your first day will consist of being made familiar with the MDAS site including safety inductions and orientation.

What time do I have to start and finish?

You will start at 9am and finish at 5pm Monday to Thursday and on Friday you will finish at 4pm.

How do I get there?

It is your responsibility to get transport to the MDAS office where you will be placed.  All MDAS offices are close to public transport.  Ask your Work Experience Coordinator about local area travel arrangements.

Will I stay overnight during the placement?


What is an induction?

An induction is where you are provided with information about your work experience or student placement. The induction is provided by your MDAS supervisor and will be the first activity you do in your work experience or student placement.

Your MDAS supervisor may also speak with you about any medical requirements you may have and confirm your emergency contact details.

What does an induction include?

Your induction will provide you with information about:

  • what is required of you during your placement
  • the MDAS Code of Ethics
  • the required standard of behaviour and complaints
  • occupational health and safety
  • security
  • any other matters that relate to your work experience.

Will I have to compete for a placement?

Should MDAS receive multiple requests for placement into specific roles, MDAS will determine which applicants are successful based on the information provided in the application form.

Do I get to pick what I do?

You can apply for any of the participating work experience or student placement options listed  on the MDAS Work Experience Website under What's On Offer?

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