FAQ for Parents

Can I organise a placement for my child directly with MDAS?

You can advocate on behalf of your child with the Work Experience Coordinator at your child's school.  All applications must be in line with the MDAS application process. You can download the MDAS Work Experience Program brochure here.

How does the MDAS Work Experience Program differ from other work experience programs?

There is no difference to our program and those of other organisations.  The MDAS Work Experience Program provides students an opportunity to see how a community controlled organisation operates and the roles we have that assist and support our community needs.

Will my child be covered by Insurance?

Yes.  All schools and educational institutions have insurance for work experience and student placements and MDAS has insurance to cover and accident or injury during your child's placement including property damage.

MDAS will not accept any placement if the school or educational institution do not provide appropriate evidence of adequate insurance coverage for their students.

What happens if my child is injured when on work experience?

MDAS conforms to State Legislation relating to Occupational Health and Safety in regards to work experience when designing work placement activities. A risk assessment is undertaken for all work experience and student placements.

Schools and other educational institutions should undertake their own risk assessment for their students.

In the event that a student is injured or becomes ill during a work experience or student placement, MDAS will arrange immediate medical attention and the student's nominated emergency contact will be notified. In the case of minors, the student's school or other educational institution will also be advised.

What responsibilities do I have as a parent?

As a parent of a student undertaking work experience with MDAS you are:

  • to provide written advice of any ongoing medical condition (such as asthma, allergies, etc) that requires a treatment or action plan if your child is under 18 years of age;
  • to provide agreement for your child's personal information to be used for statistical purposes only;
  • to acknowledge that, where your child is under 18 years of age, you will be informed of any issue relating to security, health and safety, unacceptable behaviour or complaints, that arise in the workplace;
  • requested to complete a parent/guardian feedback form at the end of the placement. (These completed forms will allow MDAS to continue to review and improve the work experience and student placements on offer); and to
  • support your child to attend and complete their placement.

Who organises the student's travel to and from the Work Experience location?

Travel to and from the work experience or student placement is the responsibility of the student.  Contact your child’s Work Experience Coordinator (secondary placements only) to discuss travel arrangements in your local area.

What other costs are involved?

Other than travel costs, the student must provide their own lunch and refreshments (e.g. drinks and snacks) or money to buy lunch.

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