FAQ for Educational Institutions

How do I organise a Work Experience Placement for our students?

Follow the instruction on our “How to Apply” page or contact the MDAS Human Resource Officer. You can download the MDAS Work Experience Brochure here.

Are there a minimum number of students required for a placement?

Information on the number of placements available are detailed in the What's On Offer? section of the website.

Are Work Experience and Student Placement dates flexible?

Generally, all placements are negotiated based on operational requirements at the time of the request.  MDAS understand that most secondary placements are structured throughout the school year and will make every effort to work with the students to support placement requests.

Is there any pre-requisite training required by the student?

In some placements, there are requirements identified in the role description.  Please refer to the placement information prior to making an application and contact the Human Resource Officer if you have any queries regarding pre-requisites.

Do the individual State Legislative requirements apply?

Yes, MDAS will comply with all State requirements when designing and offering placements.

Can students with special needs undertake Work Experience or Student Placements?

Yes, wherever possible MDAS will make appropriate and reasonable adjustments to accommodate students with special needs. This arrangement also applies for students from culturally-diverse backgrounds.

Is the Work Experience Program subject to a written agreement?

Yes.  The Work Experience Agreement Form is an agreement between the student, parent (if applicable), educational institution and MDAS.

Is there a deadline for submitting work experience program documents?

All applications should be submitted to MDAS at least four (4) weeks prior to the dates for placement.  All agreements and supporting documents must be in place prior to any student commencing placments.

Are the Students covered by insurance while on a placement?

The public liability insurance requirements are set out in the Ministerial Orders and the Resources Manuals for both work experience and structured workplace learning arrangements. These provisions provide different requirements for 'Government Schools' and 'schools other than Government Schools'. Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) should read the provisions relating to 'schools other than Government Schools' as being applicable to that RTO.

This means that, where an arrangement is entered into by a Chief Executive Officer (however described) of a RTO, it is the obligation of the RTO to hold or take out public liability insurance to provide at least $10 million cover per event. The persons to be insured are the student and the RTO.

MDAS has insurance to cover and accident or injury during placement including property damage.

Do students need to be fit and healthy to participate in the program?

Students with any medical conditions are required to disclose this information to MDAS as part of the agreement.  This is to ensure the safety of the student at all times and those providing supervision are aware of any medical requirements including emergency contact details, allergies, etc.

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