At our 2020 MDAS AGM, on November 28, MDAS members set us a new course and new challenges for the future of our organsiation.

We are so proud of an amazing turnout to our AGM  (137 members took part, both in person at Mildura, Robinvale, Swan Hill and Kerang and online on Zoom)  - one of the biggest attendances at an AGM ever.
A big thank you is due to our amazing outgoing chair Aunty Deb Chaplin who decided not to stand for re-election today. She has been the driving force for the change that was needed – she has been the voice of community and her leadership and integrity has been unflinching.  Thank you Aunty Deb.
Our membership voted for change at the board table and we are pleased and proud to welcome new board members.

They are:
• Vicki Clark (Swan Hill)
• Derik Jones (Mildura)
• Jenene Murray (Mildura)
• Damien Murray (Kerang)
• Mark Bland (Mildura)

Congratulations to all of our new board members. 

They will join our existing board members:
Pam McCormack, Uncle Josh Kirby, Melanie Lane and Cara-Lee Brown.

Our new chair will be elected at the first meeting of the board.

Congratulations to all of the courageous and committed MDAS members who put up their hands to seek election.  In their own way, each and every one of them is truly committed to the vision: Generations of vibrant, healthy and strohg Aboriginal communities.
Congratulations also to every MDAS member who, despite the conditions and the technological challenges, had a say.  That is what being an ACCO is all about.
This is just the beginning.

We look forward to working strongly together towards that vision, across our Mallee communities, over coming months and years.

Mallee District Aboriginal Services Limited is a company limited by guarantee.

The business of Mallee District Aboriginal Services Limited is managed by a board of directors.

The principal activity of the company is to promote Aboriginal health, wellbeing, culture and economic prosperity through delivery of health, family and community services to clients in Mildura, Swan Hill, Kerang and Robinvale.

Services are targetted to address areas of need created through social disadvantage, drug and alcohol misuse, sickness, disability, family violence, youth suicide, homelessness, teen pregnancy, low levels of childhood wellbeing, unemployment, disengagement with the education system and high levels of involvement with the criminal justice system.

The purposes and activities of the company are governed by the constitution, which can be downloaded here.

MDAS is governed by a set of rules, which can be downloaded here.

More about the activities in any given year can be found in our annual reports.

Membership application packs are available here.
Boardmembers Elected November 28, 2020
Vicki Clark - board member elected November 2020 (Swan Hill) 
Photograph to come
Profile Information:
As a professional Aboriginal woman, I believe in self-determination that empowers
Aboriginal organisations and communities to strive for a fair and just service into
homes for all families. My appointments through my professional career are diverse
and ones which has held high responsibility and consideration of many complex needs
from a community perspective. My understanding of governance and board structures
is that professional competencies are required for appointments and due diligence
processes are critical for fair and transparent operations of which I'm accustomed to. I
believe this longstanding commitment for community control and experience places
me in a strong position to assist with bringing the voices, unique cultural aspirations to
any board table. Always with the highest respect of Elders, young mums, single
father's, staff, traditional owner's and local community members. I bring to MDAS
board no conflict of interest just pure professional requirements and the spirit of local

Derik Jones - borad member elected November 2020 (Mildura) 
Photograph to come
Profile information:
I am from the NSW Barkindji mob, have grown up in Mildura and surrounds. I have
working within Aboriginal health/Community sector for approx. 20 years. I have a
sound knowledge about the issues within our Community such as Mental Health,
Drug/alcohol, Family Violence, Homelessness and Child Protection and Justice
issues we face in community. I am passionate about the issues that our
community face as I can empathise because I have encountered many of the
same issues my community face such as trans generational trauma, loss of
family members, extended family members who have had contact with Child
Protection or the Justice system etc. I advocate for my people in both my work
role and personal life and feel strongly and passionately about issues facing our
community. I would like to have the opportunity to be part of the current changes
happening at MDAS and to support the Organisation be strong in Governance and
accountability to Community and the funding bodies. To be a voice to all, not just
a few.

Jenene Murray - board member elected November 2020 (Mildura)
Photograph to come
Profile Information
I am a proud Wiradjuri woman from central NSW and have worked and lived in this
community for 26 years. I have been a previous board member of Mallee District
Aboriginal Services/ MDAS LTD and believe I displayed the skills and attributes it
takes to be a valued member of the organisation. I have an extensive working
knowledge of the Education sector and have been employed in this field for over 25
years. I am currently employed as the Koorie Education Coordinator for the NWVR
Mallee area. I have a developed knowledge of the Governance process and policy
procedures and am confident that this knowledge and understanding gives me a
greater insight into the services and support our organisation can deliver or
implement in our community moving forward and beyond. I am a member of the
following Aboriginal networks in the community AAC, LAN. LAECG and LAJAC.

Damien Murray - board member elected November 2020 (Kerang)
Photograph to come
Profile Information:
My name is Damien Murray and I have lived in Kerang for approx. 43 years. I have
represented Kerang in different pursuits like Football, Cricket, Golf, Lawn Bowls
and Basketball among other things. One thing I am passionate about is the welfare
of the Kerang Aboriginal Community. I was employed at the Kerang office of MDAS
before moving onto Swan Hill. This was after a tenure of 10yrs as Koori Educator.
As you can see, most of my working life has been serving the Kerang and Swan Hill
Communities. I have served on different committees as follows:
- Wandella Football Club (Vice President)
- Kerang/Swan Hill MDAS Service Delivery Committee
- Kerang LAECG
- Southern Mallee Indigenous Family Violence Regional Action Group
- Kerang Golf Bowling Club Mens Committee
- Various Indigenous Advisory groups
I hope to be voted onto the Board so as to help with the next phase of MDAS
growth and also provide Kerang with a voice of reason. If elected, I promise to have
the whole of the Mallee District at heart with transparency and honesty. Currently
I am employed at Northern District Community Health as the Indigenous Children’s
Program. I am an easily approachable person who holds Koori Welfare in the
highest esteem as demonstrated with my past employment.

Mark Bland - Boardmember elected November 2020 (Mildura)
Photograph to come
Profile information:
I am a proud Ngarrindjeri man from SA where I worked as a manager in wine industries
for 25 years with up to 100 staff at times. I have good people skills, management skills,
understanding of budgets and Human resources. I have lived and worked in Mildura for
half my life and I call it my home now. I am currently working as the Sheriff Aboriginal
Liaison Officer for the last 9 years based in Mildura but cover the whole Loddon
Mallee. I sit on the Koori Court as an elder. I just want to have an input of
how Mildura ACCO’s are looking after the Aboriginal Community. I would like to
share some of my skills with the community.

Pam McCormack - Secretary 
Board member since 2011; Team Leader, Customer Service Officer; mother of three.
Josh Kirby - board member
Board member since 2015; Previously served Balranald Land Council, Dareton Youth Centre, Swan Hill Aboriginal Cooperative and Bendigo and District Aboriginal Cooperative.
Melanie Lane - board member (Kerang)
Board member since 2017; Aboriginal Health Practitioner; Certificate 4 ATSI Primary Health Care Practice; Board member Kerang District Health; Coordinator/Senior Aboriginal Health Worker/Kerang Community Facilitator MDAS Kerang; LMARG member.
Cara-Lee Brown - board member
Board member since 2019; Bachelor Social Work (Hons); Social Worker with the Department of Human Services; Mother of four children.

MALLEE DISTRICT ABORIGINAL SERVICES  “Our Vision: Generations of vibrant, healthy and strong Aboriginal communities”

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