Bringing Them Home

The SEWB Case Worker Program delivers counseling and support to community members who are part of or affected by the Stolen Generation.

This counseling and support is also available to families of people who were stolen or removed from their families and communities. The program also provides support to families affected by the more recent removal of children.

The service is completely confidential, and our Indigenous staff understand the sensitivity of clients' personal information and stories. Clients can feel safe and protected in accessing the service.

When you are ready to take this journey, you can sit down with one of our case workers and they will have a yarn with you about the details you have. They can visit you at home, if this helps you feel more comfortable.

They will refer you to appropriate support and counseling if necessary and help you find out the information you want to know. We can also assist with obtaining birth certificates and other official documentation for Aboriginal people.

Case workers are trained to assist in family tracking in conjunction with Koori Heritage Trust, Link Up and Connecting Home. However, MDAS does not provide a reunification service.

This service is for you, so you are in complete control of this journey.

The National Program was created as a response to the Bringing Them Home Report which came out of the 1997 Federal Inquiry into the separation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children from their families.